• Ryan Marquardt - Craftsman, Owner

      Serving North Iowa and Southern Minnesota.

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    • My Mission

    • is to use artistic sensibility and years of experience to provide quality tilework at a fair price.

  • Why Marquardt Tile?

    • Respect.  I respect my customers, the dreams they have for a space, and the hard earned money they are investing to make that dream a reality.

    • Details.  I pay attention to the details throughout the entire process, including design layout, area preparation, tile install, grout, finish work, and clean up.

    • Cleanliness.  Daily clean up of work space is a given.  Remodeling and construction are stressful enough; let me leave my active work space in an orderly fashion between steps of the process.

    • Fair prices.  Tile is an investment, and I want to you be pleased with the value my installation skills provide.

    • Communication.  I will keep you informed, talk with you about options, and include you in key decision points.

    • Craftsmanship.  I create beauty in a space with skill and dexterity. 

    • Reliability.  I will be at your home, business, or construction site when we agree I should be there.

    • Bonded and insured.  Considering the personal and financial value of your project, I want you to have peace of mind.

    • Design.  I look at the space, visualize your tile in the space, and help you design an area that will make you happy for years to come.

    • Friendly.  I enjoy people and look forward to serving you.